#TeamBuiding – G3 ON TOUR


Last October 7, our team was able to enjoy a new day of #TeamBuilding.

During the activity, we made a tourist bus route through some of the projects in which we participate or which we have recently completed.
With the aim of being able to combine group cohesion and professionalism, this outing was planned, where the project managers explained their role and experience in each of the buildings they had marked along the way, with a total of 12 scheduled stops. In this way, we also promoted the knowledge of the rest of our colleagues in the different areas in which G3 provides its services.
Accompanied by a breakfast at the Hoxton Hotel – very good by the way, we finished the route at our offices where we were expecting some pizzas to end the day. A very special day where the whole team finally got together and shared the latest projects we are working on.